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Experience the future of art


Art is good

We believe in the benefits of having more art in our lives and are on a mission to make art accessible, affordable and enjoyable over digital screens everywhere.


We leverage technology to support artists by connecting them with fans and making their art widely available in venues, businesses and homes.  

Our platform uses NFTs to expose artists to huge audiences generating new sale opportunities and ongoing revenues.

Image by Matt Noble


We stream physical and digital art over smart TVs and dedicated Art screens, creating new experiences in venues, businesses and homes.  


NFTs are here to stay and are quickly changing the art world. Adding your art to DiArt will connect you to a new audience, help you stay in touch with your fans and importantly create new revenue opportunities for you.

Whether you paint on canvas, take photographs or create art digitally, we will help you generate an NFT for your art. If you already minted your art, adding it to DiArt will be even faster. 


Curious? Contact us to find out more.  

Lunar Eclipse


Adding your current and past collections to DiArt creates new opportunities to engage with and expand your customer base.


You also have the option to add digital art screens displaying NFTart which are shown to attract new customers and increase time spent in the gallery. 

In addition, with you are able to provide a "try before you buy" experience to your favourite buyers.

Curious? Contact us to find out more.


Art is known to improve our mood, increase our curiosity and generally make us feel better.


Adding Art to your shop, cafe, restaurant, bar or hotel will enhance your customer's experience and joy. They will stay longer and come back more often. 

We provide you with curated content and help you select art screens to best fit your venue.

DiArt is also available to residential  and  corporate buildings. 

Curious? Contact us to find out more.


We love traditional art, paintings, prints, photographs and sculptures. We also love digital art and believe that in the future both will be proudly displayed on walls around our homes. 

Using Smart TVs and dedicated screens to display art, creates new and exciting opportunities to enjoy art in ways never possible before. 

Signing up to DiArt subscription service provides you with access to a vast and varied collection of art from established and emerging artists.


Highly curated and personalised, you will love having DiArt at your home.


Curious? Contact us to find out more.   

Abstract Painting


We bring Art to Life enriching people’s lives and wellbeing

We believe in the power of art to have a positive impact on our lives. With the explosion of high-quality digital art driven by the popularity of NFTs, we made it our mission to democratise the consumption of art and make art accessible and affordable to everyone everywhere.  


Global NFTs

Blockchain technology and NFTs monetization have led to an exponential growth in digital art creation and the birth of NFT based digital art marketplaces. Here are some of the global leaders enabling artists to tokenize their art and transact with investors and art collectors.


We’re constantly looking for innovative minds to join our team. If you're excited as much as we are about the opportunity to change peoples lives through the availability of art, we would love to hear from you.

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